CLOUD/TEN Protective Travel Case for Quartz Banger Male & Female Glass Concentrate Rig Pieces

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  • PROTECTIVE TRAVEL CASE FOR BANGERS, HAMMERS: The exterior of this case is constructed from durable EVA fabrics and the interior is lined with soft, padded foams. 
  • HOLDS COMPACT GLASS ACCESSORIES: This case safely fits one glass banger or hammer and will keep it protected in your pocket, bag, backpack or purse. The durable zipper and internal padding help keep residue from getting onto your other accessories.
  • FITS UP TO 4" TALL AND 2.5" WIDE PIECES: This travel case will fit and protect glass concentrate pieces up to 4" in height by 2.5" wide.
  • TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE: Travel confidently, knowing your glass is protected from impacts that can damage it. This case is compact enough to be carried in a pocket, suitcase or bag while traveling. Keep dust and grime from collecting on your glass with this CASEMATIX travel case.
  • COMPACT SIZING: This case measures 4.75" x 3" for convenient travel and transport. ENSURE YOUR GLASS PIECE HAS FULLY COOLED BEFORE PLACING IT IN CASE FOR STORAGE.