CLOUD/TEN Neoprene Vaporizer Holster and Travel Case for JUUL Pen and Other Compact Pens

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Keep Your Juul Safe and Clean While You’re on the Go.

  • PROTECTIVE NEOPRENE CASE: This travel case features soft, elastic neoprene fabrics that can be stored easily in a pocket, purse, backpack or on your hip. Your JUUL unit will easily slide in and out of the pouch for easy use.
  • TRAVEL CARABINER AND VELCRO BELT STRAP: This case features a built-in belt strap that can be used for easy travel and transport. It also features a heavy-duty carabiner so you can attach it to a backpack, bag or keyring.
  • WATER & DUST-RESISTANT DESIGN: Fabrics used in construction are water-resistant, dust-resistant and scratch-resistant, making this case an excellent companion for hiking, days at the beach and general travel. It will also keep crud and moisture from getting into your mouthpiece.